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Corporate Social Responsibility has evolved so that, today, companies must assume and be managed in ways that contribute both to the interests of the business itself and society.

In this way, Aza Group understands the RSC as a commitment with the society and environment based on its model of management, in the responsibility and in the business ethic, in order to contribute to build up a fair and equitable society.


Our corporate policy is characterized by following the principles:

  • Responsible Economic Behaviour that means, at the same time, increase values for owners (looking out for their interest), for customers (offering competitive prices and quality services), for suppliers (paying fair prices) and for employees (paying fair salaries, and looking out for their security and occupational health).
  • Focus on quality and service excellence to thank our customer’s loyalty.
  • Optimal work environment that encourages professional development, equal opportunities, plurality and diversity.
  • Respect for the environment through an active waste management methods, reduction in CO2 emissions and responsible consumption. The goal is to ensure that only waste that cannot be reused ends up in the dump.

The RSC in AZA Group, means to contribute to employees wellness and society in general through the following actions:

  • Sponsorship of local sport events.
  • Donations to Charity Campaigns.
  • Attention to diversity by ensuring that all employees, regardless of race, religion, gender, national origin or disability, have equal opportunities when applying for a job.
  • Maternity protection providing financial assistance during the six months preceding the birth and subsequent six months contributing to excess expense of the new child.
  • Hiring of personnel with disabilities at a rate above the legally established, signing cooperation agreements with FUNDOSA, ASPRONA, ASINDOW and other NGOs. The AZA Group was awarded by the Obra Social “La Caixa” as a conciliatory company.