Avenida Reino de Valencia nº2. (entrada por C/Ruzafa, 31 AC). 46005 - Valencia     +34 960 141 200 info@grupoaza.com

AZA Valencia Properties

Aza Properties provides support to very important hostelery, commercial and industrial companies.

In Colon Street in Valencia, hub of commercial activity, Aza Properties are developing a hotel with 91 rooms that manages AC Marriott, 349 parking lots AND a shopping center with de 3.638 m2 which occupies Media-Markt. It has been developed in response to the best qualities of the moment and has been very well accepted by the market. Regarding parking, it´s and another company of our group, AZA Parkings, who is in charge of the exploitation.

A new public square has been built in Valencia city center, with access by 16th Ruzafa Street and 29th Doctor Serra passage. This space has more than 3.500 square meters of public use area with gardens, child playground and one carousel. There also are 732 parking lots, managed by Parking AZA and several commercial facilities occupied by well known and international prestiged brands as PRIMARK, Domino’s Pizza and also national ones like Foster’s Hollywood.

This set of public square, shops and new parking, as well as the Doctor Serra passage refurbishing have contributed to the revitalization of the neighborhood, with the creation of new bussiness adding to the existing ones and because of that, an exponental increase of public influx in the area.