C/ Isabel la Católica 8. (Edificio Condes de Buñol). Despacho 13. 46004 - Valencia     +34 960 141 200 info@grupoaza.com


Parking AZA is a group company managing parking lots in the city center of Valencia. Nowadays three parking areas are available:

Central AZA Parking

C/ Guillén de Castro, 9 y C/ Cervantes, 9 46007 Valencia Phone. +34 96 352 75 28

Central Parking, located at 9, Guillem de Castro Street, and accessible also by 9, Cervantes Street. It has three pedestrian entrances, one with a lift which serves all four floors and makes them accessible to the public.
Justifying new energy efficient standards, this parking has LED energy-saving and low emissions. Payable by credit card, and has 24 hour security and CCTV.
It has 305 parking spaces with a guidance system by light signals, that allow convenient access to places available.
It is located opposite the central delegation of Finance and shares property with FNAC Valencia and the Four-Star Hotel Conqueridor.

Colon Parking, located at 6, Colon Street, and accessible also by 3, Cirilo Amoros Street, has two pedestrian entrances one with a lift which serves all four floors and makes them accessible to the public. Opened in December 2012, it features the latest technologies in lighting, security, ventilation, as well as wider parking spaces in Valencia (2.5 meters).
This parking provides service to many companies and shops in the area like El Corte Inglés, Apple Store, Mango, grupo Inditex and the Valencia Bull Ring, using season tickets, courtesy discounts to customers and also offers a very new payment system based on a rechargeable card that works by proximity and keeps you clear of cash booth.
350 parking lots are available, divided in four basements. It shares property with a prestigious Hotel AC Marriot Colón and a shopping center of 3.800 m2 occupied by Media-Markt, to those who also serve.

Colon Parking

C/ Colón, 6 y C/ Cirilo Amorós, 3 46004 Valencia Phone.+34 96 357 01 57

Ruzafa Parking

C/ Ruzafa, 16 y C/ Gral. San Martín, 13 46004 Valencia Phone. +34 963 223 192

Ruzafa Parking, is our most recent Project. Over the previous lot area we’ve build a new one, which has four basements with 750 parking spaces, having access through Ruzafa street nº16 and down the street General San Martín, 13. And besides on the top a 10.000m2 of trade premises and a public place has been designed that will join Ruzafa to the emblematic Passageway Doctor Serra. As the rest of the Group parkings, this also has the succesful rechargeable card, and new electronic info standups at the entries that allow users to locate where their cars are parked.