Avda. Reino de Valencia, 2-1º (entrada por C/ Ruzafa, 31 Ac.), 46005 - Valencia     +34 960 141 200 info@grupoaza.com

15,000 customers served
More than 3,000 pallets per day

First Spanish pallet network

Only network with rear loading
operating model

AZA Logistics manage 16.000 void
space pallets

10.000 meters of AZA Logistics
facilities in Almussafes

More than 1.000 car park spaces
in Valencia

The best car park spaces
in Valencia

All you need to enjoy the sea

Company History

AZA Group is a family-owned business group with more than 100 years of activity in Valencia and is now at the fourth generation. The companies are entirely managed by professionals and the family’s role is to support these executives and to manage the company from the Administrative Council, which also includes third party experts. The company is specialized in the tertiary sector and its main activities are transport and logistics, parking, yachting and real estate. The Group is in continuous growth, achieving positive results.

It has an annual revenue of nearly EUR 40 million and gives employment to 350 people. The company’s policy is to reinvest profits for a consistent and solid development, to lead the sectors in which it operates, and a permanent care for its employees, customers, suppliers and environment.


1913. The first written document referred to our business activity dates from 1913, in which the notary of Valencia Don Juan Bautista Roch Contelles referring to Vicente Zamorano Fayos, noted his profession as “trajinero” (former name of transporter), although oral tradition goes back at least two previous generations.


1922. We keep a document of industrial contribution to transport activity with four packhorses. This transport company was developed from the hand of Alfonso Zamorano Sanchis during years introducing important innovations as the combustion engine vehicles and especially the concepts of combined transport (named intermodal transport) and correspondent agreements…

1969. The first non-transport company was born, Nautical AZA, founded by Alfonso Aguado Zamorano, third generation.

1975. The first Parking area born, was called Parking Aza in a well-known street Ramón y Cajal in Valencia.

1982.. Alfonso Zamorano Aguado takes responsibility of the Group which is its current Chairman. During the period.

1980-2000. transport grows at double digit annual, with strategic alliances with Guipuzcoana Transport and later with DHL. Today it is a courier service leader in Valencia.

1985. Opening Parking Ruzafa .

1995. Central Parking is acquired in Guillem de Castro street.

1996. Third Parking area in the Group is incorporated, at the Colon street.

1998. A Commercial Gallery Don Juan de Austria today called Boulevard Austria, is established with other Valencian businessmen.

1999. Valencia Properties AZA was born as a company to manage economic surplus assets of other group companies in the field of real estate.

2000. Alfonso Zamorano Transport, built an industrial unit incorporating the most advanced computerized weighing system, displacement and classification of goods that existed at that time.

2001. We set up an Association of Urban Interest with Onofre Miguel and Lladró families for developing an ambitious property project between Colon and Cirilo Amorós streets in Valencia.

2003. Guipuzcoana Group is integrated into DHL, and a new international activity is born in our company.

2005. Alliance with the Ros Casares group for the development of logistics activity. Ros Casares Zamorano & Logistics.

2007. Aza Group invests in a Valencian venture capital company called TANDEM.

2009. Acquisition of 100% Z&R Logistics shares, renamed AZA Logistics.

2010. Establishment of the first company group online: Acastillaje.com focus on nautical material sales.

2012. The work in Colon was finished and an agreement was made with our partners to purchase their part. Logistics AZA incorporates intercontinental transport services, customs warehouse and refrigerated transport. It starts also as an operator to DHL Supply Chain in Valencia.

2013. It signed an agreement with AC by Marriott to operate the Hotel Colon.

2014. The Logistics division of Grupo AZA inaugurates a new shed in Beniparell in charge of AZA Logistics.

2014. AZA Inmuebles opens the AC Marriot Colón hotel.

2014. AZA Valencia Inmuebles delivers its new store on Calle Colón to Mediamarkt.

2015. AZA Logistics enters the pharma and cosmetic sector with the opening of its new refrigerated warehouse.

2015. Joins the PALIBEX Valencia group.

2016. Inauguration Ruzafa Parking with 750 seats, delivering the new AZA Roundabout to the city of Valencia.

2017. AZA Inmuebles delivers its flagship store in the center of Valencia to PRIMARK.

2018. Grupo AZA sells DHL Express and reinforces its presence in industrial transport by acquiring a percentage of PALIBEX.